Art Opening Reception: Unfolding by Shony Rivnay

Inspired by his father’s work studying insects, Israeli artist Shony Rivnay creates fascinating visual interpretations of the microscopic elements of our world and their connectedness with one another. His works play with color, forms, and shapes, creating illusions of infinity and depicting the grandness of the most minuscule elements that contribute to life itself.

Unfolding by Shony Rivnay, curated by SARAHCROWN.

Olivia_Ramirez_Photography-Shony_Rivnay-Art_Opening 55.jpg

Women Empowering Women

Last night, Generation Women put on another great show of powerful ladies telling their stories LIVE.

We heard from sculptor and visual artist Carol K. Brown, seven-time Moth StorySLAM champion Sandi Marx, iHeartRadio's Helen Little, writer and co-founder of Glynnis MacNicol, senior reporter at Jezebel Prachi Gupta, and senior editor at Glamour Mattie Kahn

Events like these make New York one of the safest, most open-hearted stages to truly express yourself.